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Alberta winters are not for the faint of heart, with the ice and the snow and the slush, and let’s not forget the mind-numbing cold. Sometimes just getting to the grocery store is an adventure. 
Fortunately for those willing to brave the elements, true winter adventure in the majestic Canadian Rockies is only a few hours away, and Red Deer Toyota can help make the trip safe and comfortable.
Any Skiing/Snowboarding trip to Banff or Jasper’s resorts has to begin with the right ride, and the right ride is a reliable ride. Nobody wants to spend half a day of winter vacay sitting on the side of the mountain waiting for a tow.
Toyotas are known for their epic, generational reliability, but you have to do your part.
Winter Service & Maintenance
Start your vacation planning in the Red Deer Toyota service department with a complete winter maintenance and service checkup. We’ll make sure everything is in tip-top condition before you hit the road.
You want to do all your slipping and sliding on your skis or snowboard so think about a fresh set of winter tires to keep everything sunny side up.
Genuine Toyota Accessories
And while you’re in the service department, let us help turn your current Toyota into a winter vacation machine. Check out the Genuine Toyota Accessories that can help make your next ski trip your best ski trip ever.
Toyota Comfort+ heating can warm up your car’s interior and your engine block while your still inside sipping coffee and eating pancakes. Less time scraping means you hit the slopes sooner.
Roof racks and cargo carriers leave you more room on the inside, so maybe the kids and the dogs won’t fight quite so much before you get there.
All-weather floor mats can help your Toyota stay showroom sharp no matter how much snow you track in and out over the weekend.
And just to be on the safe side, why not toss a genuine Toyota First Aid Kit and Emergency Assistance Kit in the rear with the gear 
The Perfect New Toyota for Your Winter Vacation
Do you know what really smells good on a car ride to the mountains?
New car smell is the perfect travel companion.
Red Deer Toyota has an incredible selection of roomy, reliable, affordable new Toyotas to help your family make memories.
Toyota trucks have set the standard for half a century, and the 2021 Tacoma and Tundra can take to you to the top of the mountain, deep in the heart of the woods, and way past where the trails end.
Toyota’s all-star lineup of SUVs has something for everyone from the rugged Toyota 4Runner, the Godfather of offroad SUVs to the surprising roomy and nimble RAV4. Toyota SUVs give you the room you need to make the trip and the comfort you want to make the trip fun.
Bigger families need more room for more gear, and the Toyota Sienna minivan is the surprise choice for your next winter vacation all the space you need for the kids, the dogs, the gear, and little Suzie’s hamster cage too. PLUS, Sienna is one of the only minivans in Canada with available all-wheel drive cause you actually have to get to the mountain for the fun to start.
Last but not least, we’ll leave you with the two most important words Red Deer Toyota has to offer regarding your winter vacation plans:
Seat warmers
A warm tushy is a happy tushy.
Have a great trip.
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