The Next Generation Toyota Multimedia System

It’s been an exciting time for the Toyota brand and the community that use their products. Toyota has proven to be one of the most reliable and most relied-on vehicle manufacturers in the world. This couldn’t happen without decades and decades of success and innovation. Over the last year, a few announcements rang more significant than others, including the competition. This includes the reveal of the completely redesigned 2022 Toyota Tundra, the never-before-seen Corolla Cross, and another update Red Deer Toyota is excited to share with you – the next generation of Toyota Multimedia.

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Introducing the Corolla CROSS

The Toyota Corolla is known across the world – and it’ll soon be known even more – as a product with a distinct identity: reliable, affordable, safe – the list goes on – and those traits will certainly carry on to a brand-new addition to the Corolla family – the Corolla Cross. This will provide drivers with more choice and the same satisfaction that the most-sold vehicle ever has provided for decades. Let’s look at some of the things that make the Corolla Cross stand out from its siblings...

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Reasons To Lease Your New Vehicle!

This is great information if you're trying to decide how best to spend money on a new vehicle. Red Deer Toyota is happy to provide the answers and options to benefit you the most. Often, instead of flat-out purchasing your car, truck, or SUV, leasing is both a better short-term and long-term solution. For many drivers, in many different circumstances – a number of these Reasons To Lease will make a lot of sense for your lifestyle, and your wallet.

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As we all start saying goodbye to our favourite summer activities, we say hello and welcome to a new year of Toyota vehicles. It’s safe to say that one model is at the top of mind for a lot of drivers in our community. 

The all-new 2022 Toyota Tundra
4999 × 3533It’s been years since the Tundra debuted back in 2007, and these are the first major developments it adopts beyond the incredible advancement of Toyota technology and safety in recent years. The anticipation is high and after several months of teasing from Toyota, we officially have eyes on it…

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And The Best Selling Car EVER Is...

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Toyota just celebrated a remarkable milestone. The 50 millionth Corolla has officially sold.

50 MILLION. That’s 50,000,000. If we started counting in seconds to 50 million… it would take almost 578 days!

In the 55+ years since the Toyota Corolla made its debut, a Corolla has sold approximately every 28 seconds in over 150 countries all over the world.

THAT makes the Toyota Corolla the undisputed, best-selling car EVER.


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Why Is The RAV4 Canada's Favourite???


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One of the takeaways from the first half of 2021 in the automobile industry is that Canadians are ready to get driving again and into new vehicles. It’s been a busy few months here at Red Deer Toyota making sure our customers get to do just that! Here’s one thing that absolutely hasn’t changed since before the pandemic:


The RAV4 is still Canada’s top-selling SUV.


The RAV4 is still Canada's favourite Toyota.


The RAV4 is still Canada’s top-selling CANADIAN vehicle



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Toyota Has The Vehicle You Need For Camping This Summer

Whether you’re new to the camping world or you're already a seasoned veteran adventurer – chances are very high that you’ve seen a Toyota out in the wild. That’s because with Toyota being such an established brand on Canadian roads and in Canadian homes – it’s a guaranteed choice of vehicle for travelling outside of our city borders.

The features and highlights of any Toyota car, truck and SUV can easily benefit you on your camping trips this summer.

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How to Properly Spring Clean Your Car


When it comes to any car, truck or SUV, having a nice clean vehicle not only looks good but can also make your vehicle last longer! Spring is a rollercoaster when it comes to weather here in Red Deer, Alberta, and because of this, making use of those first lovely days is crucial.


We have collected some tips and tricks from our detailing team to help you clean your car, but don't forget that if you need that next level clean or simply don't have the time, please book your vehicle in for detail to get that new…

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Planning Your Next Ski or Snowboarding Vacation With Red Deer Toyota

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Alberta winters are not for the faint of heart, with the ice and the snow and the slush, and let’s not forget the mind-numbing cold. Sometimes just getting to the grocery store is an adventure. 
Fortunately for those willing to brave the elements, true winter adventure in the majestic Canadian Rockies is only a few hours away, and Red Deer Toyota can help make the trip safe and comfortable.
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What’s the Importance of an Oil Change?

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Oil changes often get placed on the back burner but are among the most basic yet important car care services available. Your vehicle’s engine simply can’t function without oil, and the longer you go between oil changes, the more damage will be done. Toyota recommends changing your car’s oil every 16,093 kilometres. Below, you’ll find more information on oil changes, their importance, and their cost.
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