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A Year In Review At Red Deer Toyota

A Year In Review At Red Deer Toyota

As we speed through the introduction to 2023, we look to 2022. What a fast and interesting year we had at Red Deer Toyota. Every year has its ups and downs for businesses, communities, and our families. The team and operation at Red Deer Toyota are no different. Let’s take a look at some highlights from the good and the not so good.


It feels like an old story by now, but much like most of the auto industry, we had inventory shortages and delays throughout most of 2022. When you combine some key factors, like the lingering affect of the pandemic on factory production across the globe, as well as the industry-leading high demand for Toyota cars, trucks, and SUVs – it starts to make sense why Red Deer Toyota had a record-number of vehicles – just not on the showroom floor or spicing up our parking lot. That’s because when Toyota customers contact or visit Red Deer Toyota, the first thing they learn is how essential and important a preorder is.



The age of preordering your new vehicle is here! For those of you unaware of the process, it’s far less intimidating than you might think. When you know what vehicle you want, Red Deer Toyota will show you the estimated time of arrival from factories across the world, giving you a clear idea of the wait time and transportation of the vehicle. Take the RAV4 for example – a very desirable SUV across all of Canada. With so many people looking to drive it, you want your name on one before someone else. Red Deer Toyota asks for a small, refundable deposit of $500, attaching your name to that specific vehicle. Throughout the wait process, your Product Advisor will keep you updated on any changes to its status – and when your new ride is approaching delivery – all you have to do is prepare to finalize the process and take your new keys. It’s an easy process and allows you plenty of time to consider your options and clarify any questions you might have about your purchase details and the vehicle.


With the lack of surplus inventory due to a huge number of preorders, preowned vehicles became very valuable. The downside to this is that if you’re in a bind, without wheels and in desperate need for them – the quick hunt for the right preowned car, truck or SUV can be extremely stressful. Here’s how Red Deer Toyota helps you through that. All preowned units are thoroughly inspected, serviced, and maintained. The vehicle history is vetted and readily available – the vehicle has been through our Detail Department and is gassed up. Red Deer Toyota is constantly on top of market changes and the prices of our preowned inventory are always up-to-date and fair. This solves a number of problems many car-buyers encounter when purchasing preowned wheels – is this vehicle reliable? Will the vehicle last? Is it priced fairly and is it within an appropriate budget? Red Deer Toyota has the answers and the solutions to these questions and fears. Your options will be thorough and transparent, you require that when making such an important purchase. Red Deer Toyota carries a wide range of preowned cars, trucks and SUVs of all kinds… from affordable daily drivers to practical trucks for work and even luxury units for those focused on style and performance. Red Deer Toyota WILL help you find what you’re looking for.



We all look forward to the annual release of a truly revamped and redefined Toyota. 2022 saw Red Deer Toyota delivering a record-number of the all-new Tundra – and as we wrap up 2022 and begin 2023, we’re excited to be delivering the all-new 2023 Sequoia as well. The all-new Sequoia embodies two words perfectly: Go Big.

Sequoia owners have the option to drive a 7- or 8-passenger full-size SUV modelled and inspired directly by the new Tundra. Also embracing the option for an exceptional i-FORCE MAX hybrid powertrain, the 2023 Sequoia displays IMPRESSIVE luxury, capability, and comfort. The new Sequoia is such a hot buy that we have to refer to our earlier bit – you know, about preordering? It’s essential for this new model at Red Deer Toyota.

Toyota model


The Future is bright! Red Deer Toyota is excited to move beyond the lingering effects of COVID-19 and the impact it’s had on our customers, our community, and our staff. Although it may still be some time before Red Deer Toyota has new Toyota cars, trucks and SUVs that haven’t been claimed and preordered by your neighbours – the excitement to bring you even more inventory in 2023 and maintain our gold star record for customer service is HUGE. We can’t wait. And we can’t wait to show you everything new Toyota has to offer in 2023. Even more hybrid options across the lineup of vehicles, a totally reworked Toyota Prius, the return of the Crown – and lots more. Stay tuned.

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