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Toyota Connected Services

Toyota is committed to providing customers with a number of ways to modernize your driving experience. This advanced suite of smart technologies keeps you and your vehicle at the leading edge of simplicity and integration. These options are constantly evolving, some designed for utility, others to optimize the safety of you and your passengers. And it all starts with the Toyota App on your smartphone.


Depending on which car, truck or SUV you've chosen, the Toyota App is the way to keep you connected with your vehicle from a distance. Optimized for use on your Apple or Android device, the Toyota App has a number of capabilities:
  • Integration with various Toyota Connected Services, including Remote Connect, Destination Assist and Safety Connect.
  • Door Lock/Unlock as well as seeing that open/closed status of your windows
  • Last parked location
  • Check your vehicle fuel levels
  • Management of your driver profile and guest driver settings (Set conditions for a guest driver and get notifications if max speed, kilometres and distance are reached or exceeded)
  • Ability to set your preferred Toyota Dealer
  • Management of Toyota and vehicle alerts and reports
The Toyota App is also how you use Home-To-Vehicle Management. Most of these Toyota App features are accessible through your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant devices. Download the Toyota App for Apple HERE and Android HERE.
Let's take a look at the suite of Toyota Connected Services!


Remote Connect is a subscription service for Toyota drivers that enables the expanded use of your Toyota App to activate features in your vehicle from a distance. This includes options to:
  • Start and stop your engine, as well as manage climate settings - preparing your car, truck or SUV to be prepared and comfortable when you get inside
  • Lock and unlock your doors, perfect for the driver who can't quite remember if they heard the beep


Safety Connect is an optional subscription service to enhance your road safety options in any situation:
  • Emergency Assistance (SOS): Contact to a live agent 24/7 helps you deal with an emergency situation with the speed and efficiency you require.
  • Enhanced Roadside Assistance: The SOS button will alert a roadside agent to send assistance directly to your vehicle's location.
  • Automatic Collision Notification: When your Toyota vehicle is involved in a severe rear-end collision OR if your airbags deploy, this system automatically takes action to assist you.
  • Stolen Vehicle Locator: In the event that your Toyota is stolen, this will assist local authorities in the recovery of your car, truck or SUV.


The proper maintenance and scheduling of that maintenance for your Toyota vehicle is very important the ensure the reliability and value of your ride. You won't miss a single moment of concern with your vehicle's health thanks to Service Connect.
  • Vehicle Health Reports: You can access monthly reports regarding any alerts related to the health of your vehicle.
  • Warning Lights: We've all seen a warning light in our driving careers, but it doesn't mean we all understand what they represent. Safety Connect will automatically send any vehicle warning light to your Toyota App, as well as on your next vehicle health report.
  • As a Safety Connect user, you have the option to send vehicle health and maintenance alerts directly to your preferred dealer's service department. They will communicate with you directly if these reports require an appointment - be it from a warning light or a recall.


The launch of Drive Connect going into the future of Toyota vehicles is not just exciting, it's impressive. Check out why Drive Connect will be a much-desired feature for drivers:
  • Intelligent Assistant: Toyota has spent considerable time and resources to enhance the ability of this assistant with quick response time and natural language processing, allowing you to activate the assistant with a simple "Hey Toyota." You'll use voice commands to find top-rated local establishments, check the local weather OR the weather at your destination, or dictate text messages, and lots more.
  • Cloud Navigation: The brand-new cloud navigation system uses Google Points-of-Interest data as well as provide real-time updates on traffic in the area.
  • Use your Toyota App to look up destinations before you drive and send them directly to the Cloud Navigation system.


This feature keeps you and your destination connected with access to a live agent, whether you know where you want to go or not.
  • Destination Search: Connect with a live response agent who will search for a destination based on business name, address, city and province, proximity, and point of interest.
  • Destination Download: Once your live agent has found your destination, it will be sent directly to you vehicle's navigation system.
  • Destination Services: Not sure where you want to go? Your live agent can recommend restaurants, hotels and the best point of interest based on the details you give them and local reviews and ratings.
Availability of the full suite of Toyota Connected Services as well as vehicle integration with the Toyota App depends on the year and model of your Toyota car, truck or SUV. These updates to existing Toyota technology, as well as the release of new features are rolling out across the Toyota lineup, starting with the 2022 Toyota Tundra. Free trials are available on some Toyota purchases, with subscriptions to these Toyota Connected Services being an available option - prices and terms of which you can discuss with Red Deer Toyota Product Advisors and Financial Managers. There is absolutely no obligation to subscribe to these services.