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Providing Finance and leasing options that fit your budget and your credit.

Providing Trusted Advice

Where to apply for an auto loan?

There are many options for financial companies that deal only with auto financing or most major banks. Most of these options limit you to the place where you apply. When coming to Red Deer Toyota, we work with most major car financing institutions and provide you with an overview of all your options that best suit your needs.

Car loans in Canada are often confusing to understand.

If you find yourself googling "car loan calculator Canada" you might find some of the information confusing.

When you factor in the trade-in value for your car, current vehicle financing and all the trade-in calculators and car loan calculators, it can be hard to make the right decision. When you contact us, we go over to give you an accurate picture of your car loan interest rates in Canada, car trade-in value, and whether car leasing would be a more suitable option.

When looking at an auto loan car payment, there are many factors to consider from the period of time for the loan, financing company, finances rates and more.

In today's world, you can check your credit reports relatively quickly with the host of apps and services available for you that link with your online banking.

In the end, we lay out a plan to get you into your dream car, the car you need, or your second family vehicle. No matter the situation, we are here for trusted financial advice.

Leasing A Vehicle

What does it mean to lease a vehicle?

Leasing can often be a better option for drivers. A lease is a short-term commitment with smaller monthly payments. Toyota Financial Services is a leasing company that provides you with competitive lease agreements often making your auto loan interest rates manageable.

Red Deer Toyota will help you understand the process of leasing and buying a vehicle from the first day to the last day of your term, as well as the details of a lease contract.

Taking Care Of Your Investment

At this stage, you have been approved for a loan or financing. Now it's time to go over the money factor of your long-term investment. Toyota vehicles are known for their reliability but unfortunately, simple things like unkempt roadways, rock chips and other hazards can be inevitable here in Alberta, Canada.

We have you covered no matter your needs to make sure your investment is protected into the future. Whether it is regular maintenance or increased wear and tear coverage we have the solutions for you.