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Roadside Safety Kit

Be Prepared

Being stuck or stranded on the side of the road is a situation that the average driver always assumes will never happen to them. The unfortunate truth is that with winter on its way, the chances of you having a situation like that is on the rise. Even if it doesn't happen to you personally, you are bound to see someone else in that unfortunate predicament this winter. So to help you be as prepared as you can be, let's take a look at building a roadside safety or emergency kit.

While You Wait

Many drivers in newer vehicles have roadside assistance as part of their warranty. Alternatively, drivers may have membership to clubs such as AMA that offer roadside assistance. But the harsh reality is that you may not be able to reach someone quickly or too have help arrive in a timely manner depending on the weather and where you are when something goes wrong. That is why your safety kit should always contain items that help you with the waiting. These items should include a blanket, water bottles, non-perishable food such as energy bars, and extra clothing especially winter boots. Hopefully any waiting you have to do will be minimal, but just in case, these items can make a big difference.

Help Yourself

Many of the other items in the safety kit are designed to potentially help you get out of being stranded. These items include a small shovel, tire sealant, jumper cables, a tow rope, an ice scraper, sand or even cat litter, and a multipurpose tool. If you are stuck in snow on the side of the road, the sand or cat litter can be used to help you get unstuck as can the shovel. If that isn't enough, the tow rope can be invaluable to pull you out. In addition to the tire sealant, always make sure you have a spare tire that is properly inflated. To ensure this, check the tire pressure every few months. If you are unable to change the tire, the sealant can often be enough to seal up a hole temporarily until you can get to a tire shop. Having a first aid kit is also a must in case of injury from a collision or other incident.

Help Others

There are a few items that should be included in any kit that help you to keep other drivers and yourself safe while stranded. These include small reflective triangles or even road flares, a flashlight with batteries, and potentially a whistle. Lay the flares or triangles out so other drivers are aware that you are stranded, and use the flashlight to help flag help down and see in case of evening.

When it comes to roadside safety it is always best to be over prepared. There is nothing worse than being stuck on the side of the road with no way to help yourself or help others. So before the dead of winter hits, be sure to equip your car with a Roadside Safety Kit.

Winter Packages

A good place to start with winter safety is to make sure your vehicle is done up properly for the season. Check out Red Deer Toyota's Winter Packages to start yourself off on the right foot for this winter season.