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Toyota Electrified Vehicles

What's the Technology Behind the Lineup of Toyota Electrified Vehicles?

2023-2024 Toyota Hybrid Lineup

Hybrid technology has become an extremely relevant feature when manufacturing vehicles in 2023. Gone are the days when your favourite manufacturer only offered one or two hybrid options! In fact, in the first half of 2023, Toyota Canada reported 44% of all vehicle sales being electrified Toyotas!

Toyota has consistently been adding more and more electrified drive options to their expansive lineup of cars, trucks and SUVS. With the demand for hybrid technology rising every year, as well as major advancements in how these vehicles operate with stunning performance and efficiency, Red Deer Toyota has been fielding hundreds and hundreds of calls from customers hoping to drive one themselves.

Toyota Hybrid Models 

By now, the Toyota lineup offers electrified options at every turn. These following Toyota models offer electrified drivetrain options or are now exclusively run on electrified drivetrains:

Corolla Hybrid

Corolla Cross Hybrid

Camry Hybrid


RAV4 Hybrid


Highlander Hybrid

Grand Highlander Hybrid



Tundra Hybrid


Toyota has also spent decades improving plug-in hybrid electric technology for drivers looking to embrace electrified driving to its fullest extent. These include the:

Prius Prime

RAV4 Prime

  • Hybrid Electric Vehicles: These hybrids include a gas engine that works alongside a powerful electric motor that generates power and energy to your vehicle without having to be plugged into an outlet to charge.
  • Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles: Drivers can find a similar performance from the plug-in hybrid. However, they can enjoy the added benefit of charging their electric motor to extend its capabilities, enabling them to go further on the road.
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles: Discover a cleaner ride that uses an electrified hydrogen current to power your vehicle leaving you with zero CO2 emissions and no impurities in your fuel tank.

Find Your Toyota Hybrid at Red Deer Toyota Today

Thanks to the hard-work and foresight of Toyota’s mission to provide drivers with efficient electrified driving options, almost the entire Toyota lineup includes customers with many choices. Truck drivers have the ability to use the Tundra Hybrid technology to utilize this modern tech without sacrificing its purpose as a hardened work truck. Prius drivers have been saving money at the pumps for decades, with that same technology now appearing across all Toyota sedans and comfort cruisers. Family rides like the Sienna and Highlander are either exclusively electrified or offer this desirable option.

Red Deer Toyota is here to help you understand more about the wide range of Toyota electrified vehicles, as well as your opportunity to drive one yourself. Don’t underestimate the high demand for these cars, trucks and SUVs - they do not last long on the showroom floor and preorders have been a must for many members in our community. Red Deer Toyota is the home of electrified hybrid vehicles in Central Alberta!