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How To PREORDER Your Next Toyota

How To PREORDER Your Next Toyota

As the season changes and we move further away from two years of the global pandemic, certain things in life have and will change. For a number of reasons, this includes the way we buy our cars. Let’s take a look at how the car industry handled a number of pandemic-related issues since 2020, and what that means for the future of helping members of our community into the new car, truck, or SUV they really want.

We all know that the pandemic brought industries across the world to a halt. As the global community adjusted to unprecedented health measures and a major change to the speed and efficiency of imports and exports – the effects were felt everywhere. In the car industry, a shortage in microchips prevented and hindered the expected production of vehicles. This led to delayed shipments of cars, trucks, and SUVs across the globe – and in most cases, resulted in a lack of inventory. Toyota had the foresight to prepare for a massive event comparable to the pandemic and weathered the chip shortage to great success – but we can all agree the presence of COVID-19 lasted a lot longer than anyone expected! In Fall of 2021, Red Deer Toyota finally experienced the same sort of inventory shortage that had been seen for over a year at dealerships across Canada.

For the last few months of 2021, Red Deer Toyota received lots of vehicles – but almost as soon as they rolled off the delivery truck – they rolled straight into the driveways of hundreds of Central Albertans. This poses a problem for vehicle buyers who might not be prepared to wait months and months for a new ride. It requires a level of proactive behaviour never before seen as widely in the automobile industry, which means our customers need a way to begin the buying process earlier than ever before. You need the ability to preorder your next car, truck, or SUV. Pay attention – because the case is strong for this car-buying process to become far more popular in the coming years… with a recent study claiming that 42% of shoppers plan to preorder their next vehicle.


Introducing the brand-new PREORDER page at Every single 2022 Toyota model, trim and colour is available for you to see right now with a few clicks. You can easily sort by the specific kind of Toyota you want your name on, right down to your preference of automatic or manual transmission. Explore the different colours and unique combinations of each Toyota models various trim levels, from base model to something boasting TRD Pro accessories.

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Once you’ve settled on the vehicle you think you want, you contact Red Deer Toyota. Call us yourself or fill out the preorder form, and one of our Product Advisors will be in touch to discuss your buying suggestion. We will have information on the logistics of getting your new ride, detailed pricing, and answers to any other questions you might have about the process. Red Deer Toyota does require a small REFUNDABLE deposit of $500 in order to determine our customers commitment to the order. It’s a common occurrence for circumstances to change from the point of preorder to delivery, and this refundable deposit helps protect the buyer and seller from unfortunate situations.

Check out the new PREORDER page for yourself at

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