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Introducing the Corolla CROSS

Introducing the Corolla CROSS

We know, we know… how many times can we talk about how the Toyota Corolla is the BEST-SELLING VEHICLE IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD??? We promise to tone it down a little – but it’s not every day you get to provide Red Deer Toyota customers in Central Alberta and abroad with the literal GOAT of automobiles. That’s history – and an important part of it.

The Toyota Corolla is known across the world – and it’ll soon be known even more – as a product with a distinct identity: reliable, affordable, safe – the list goes on – and those traits will certainly carry on to a brand-new addition to the Corolla family – the Corolla Cross. This will provide drivers with more choice and the same satisfaction that the most-sold vehicle ever has provided for decades. Let’s look at some of the things that make the Corolla Cross stand out from its siblings.

Size is an important factor to many drivers – especially during specific seasons of the year. The Corolla Hatchback is for those hoping to ride something more compact, while the normal Corolla is the epitome of “not too small, not too big” for others. The Corolla Cross however, fills that open space of drivers hoping for a Corolla – but with a little extra.  Compared to its namesake, the Corolla Cross is 6 inches shorter lengthwise, but almost 8.5 inches taller. That extra space translates to almost 2.5 cubic feet more than the 2022 Corolla, which offers 13.1 cubic feet of cargo space.

Size isn’t the only thing the Corolla Cross is bringing to diversify your Corolla options – it’s offered in both FWD and AWD. This is a big deal to a lot of drivers – especially throughout our colder months of the year. Both the Corolla and the Corolla Hatchback are offered with front-wheel drive – and the Corolla Cross gives you the choice between that or all-wheel drive across its 3 trim levels. The differences between the AWD and FWD Corolla Cross are minimal, but it does increase the total weight of the vehicle by less than 200lbs.  The combined city and highway fuel consumption is 7.3L/100km for the FWD Corolla Cross – and the combined fuel consumption for the AWD Corolla Cross is 7.8L/100km.

Similar to the 2022 Corolla Hatchback, the new Corolla Cross uses a 2.0 Litre 4-cylinder ‘twin-cam’ engine, while some of the lower versions of the Corolla use a 1.8 Litre 4-cylinder ‘twin-cam’ engine. Corolla drivers know that the goal and objective of their car and the way it drives isn’t about how fast you get to 60 or the intimidating sound of ‘more powwweeerrrr!’ It’s about where you’re going and how you get there: safely, reliably, and affordably.

The day we received our first Corolla Cross was funny. We’d been waiting patiently, and we’re really excited at Red Deer Toyota because this new vehicle is going to be a great option for our amazing customers… but when it arrived on its long travel – about 95% of product advisors (someone was on vacation that day) ran out to get their first look. It was a swarm of excitement that had every door and compartment open in an attempt to find what exactly? The 22 hidden Corolla Cross logos that Toyota spread throughout. It’s a fun little easter egg that we don’t often get to see with vehicles.

Corolla Cross

The Corolla Cross has officially landed at Red Deer Toyota and WE WOULD LOVE to get you in for a test-drive. If you already know it’s what you want to be driving in Red Deer and Central Alberta, contact us today!

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