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Reasons To Lease Your New Vehicle!

Reasons To Lease Your New Vehicle!

This is great information if you're trying to decide how best to spend money on a new vehicle. Red Deer Toyota is happy to provide the answers and options to benefit you the most. Often, instead of flat-out purchasing your car, truck, or SUV, leasing is both a better short-term and long-term solution. For many drivers, in many different circumstances – a number of these Reasons To Lease will make a lot of sense for your lifestyle, and your wallet.

Reasons to lease

If you’re the kind of driver who likes keeping up with the ever-changing technology and updates in the car industry, leasing is a great way to keep your commitment to one vehicle short and sweet. Most leases require payments over the course of 2-5 years, giving you the chance to drive the newest rides with the latest technology, enhanced safety features, better efficiency and much more.

Commitment is a huge factor when it comes to vehicle-buying decisions. And leasing is one of the better ways to get more bang for your buck when hitting the road. Compared to financing, leasing always involves lower payments, which leaves you with a peace of mind that isn’t always present when making a large payment all-at-once.

We can’t acknowledge those lower payments on a vehicle lease without bringing up down payments. Although a down payment will make your payments smaller, lease payments are designed to be lower and affordable to begin with, leaving more money in your pocket today. An important thing to note is that our $0 Down Payments include GAP Insurance.


What about the long-term reliability of your vehicle? When you lease your car, truck, or SUV, it simply isn’t a factor to fret over. For the duration of your lease, your vehicle has full coverage warranty. The depreciation of your vehicle won’t be an issue until long after your lease has ended and you’re already driving something new!

If you're purchasing vehicles for business usage, leasing is a fantastic option. Taxes on a leased vehicle occur on your monthly payments, as opposed to the upfront cost, meaning you can deduct more. Although not applicable to the everyday driver, this is one specific example of the benefits of leasing over financing your vehicle at Red Deer Toyota.

What happens at the end of your lease? Typically, you drop it off and get in to your next ride! But we do give you the option to buy the vehicle if you wish to continue driving it. Buying a similar car from new would cost MUCH more, and the used car market can be hit and miss. In this case, you already know the car and can consider your lease somewhat of a long-term test drive.

Financially, leasing your vehicle can be quite beneficial, freeing up more of your budget through cheaper payments and not having to worry about potential mechanical issues in the car’s lifetime. You also get to drive the latest and greatest vehicles from a constantly innovating company like Toyota. Leasing your car, truck, or SUV at Red Deer Toyota is an easy process that we are happy to help you through, answering any questions you have along the way. We want to provide our community with reliable vehicles known worldwide for their safety and affordability, and leasing is a great option for many of us. Just take a look at what we include in our new #Turnkey Lease! All that for some seriously low payments!


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