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Staying Warm In Central Alberta With Toyota COMFORT+

Staying Warm In Central Alberta With Toyota COMFORT+

As this new blog post is being typed up, we received word that the EXTREME COLD WARNING in Red Deer and Central Alberta has ended…for now. It’s been a wild winter so far with many, many days of the kind of cold we’d all love to completely ignore or forget about. And here’s one way Red Deer Toyota is ready to help you do that!


Toyota Comfort+ was created specifically for the type of Canadians who live where winter could last a long time AND be particularly cruel. If that sounds like your situation, this affordable and state-of-the-art package could be perfect! Through the integration of various COMFORT+ accessories designed and produced by Toyota, your vehicle can contain “a heating ecosystem for the modern Canadian driver” that works on both gas-powered and hybrid Toyota cars, trucks, and SUVs.

If you own a vehicle in Central Alberta, chances are pretty good you already have a block heater installed. In fact, across the country, Canadians prefer to keep their vehicles plugged in to a power source throughout the cold, winter days and nights – allowing the engine and motor oil to pre-heat before starting the car. Using a block heater consistently is meant to help the vehicle overcome less friction while better lubricating the engine, reducing fuel guzzle-up and providing a smoother start for the car – meaning less wear and tear.


The Cabin Warmer is a tool that we install in your vehicle’s interior. This COMFORT+ accessory does exactly what you’d expect… it warms up the cabin. The Cabin Warmer is a compact interior heater that takes up very little room and preheats the interior first before warm air buildup works its way to your windows to help clear up any ice and snow on the glass. This is achieved without your car even being turned on. And to ensure efficiency, the Cabin Warmer lowers its energy output as the vehicle interior gets warmer, saving the unnecessary overuse of electricity.

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Toyota’s Trickle Charger is designed to maintain an optimal charge level and extend the life of modern 12V vehicle batteries – furthering the power efficiency of Toyota COMFORT+. No matter how cold it might be on any given day, the Trickle Charger is equipped with a temperature sensor and built-in logic to automatically set the necessary temperature parameters. As long as your vehicle is hooked up to your home or work power cable, all 3 accessories – the Trickle Charger, Cabin Warmer and Block Heater work together to provide COMFORT+. But how do you control it…?

Simple… with the power of Bluetooth and your phone! The Trickle Charger is paired with a Bluetooth hub, which hands you the controls through the Toyota COMFORT+ App for your Apple or Android device. With the Toyota COMFORT+ App, you can set specific times of the day for when you need your car, truck, or SUV pre-heated. This includes the ability to not just schedule the activation of your COMFORT+ accessories, but also determine the duration of heating. The Toyota COMFORT+ App also displays the outdoor temperature, voltage information, and the status of charging and the power supply. This 360-degree view of how your battery is optimized means you never have to worry about the efficiency and effectiveness of Toyota COMFORT+.

Reduced consumption of electricity. Pure convenience and comfort. Automatic and effortless warmth on even the coldest days. WARMTH and COMFORT! Toyota COMFORT+ is an available option on your next Toyota and Red Deer Toyota is here to help! Contact us today to find out more.

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