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The Next Generation Toyota Multimedia System

The Next Generation Toyota Multimedia System

It’s been a remarkably exciting time for the Toyota brand and the community that use their products. Toyota has proven to be one of the most reliable and most relied-on vehicle manufacturers in the world. This couldn’t happen without decades and decades of success and innovation, which will continue well into the future. But over the last year, a few announcements rang more significant than others, including the competition. This includes the reveal of the completely redesigned 2022 Toyota Tundra, the never-before-seen Corolla Cross, another update Red Deer Toyota is exciting to share with you – the next generation Toyota Multimedia system.4500 × 2985

We’re so used to constant tech updates in our lives that we hardly notice them anymore. They make our lives easier when we use our phones, our computers, televisions, and lots more. With the new Toyota Multimedia system, that trend continues, but in your car, truck, or SUV. Not only is the new Toyota Multimedia system upgraded to make your life easier, but it’s also made advancements to ensure Toyota can continue to push through updates both often and quickly. This is through OTA (Over-The-Air) capability that will allow real-time updates for navigation mapping, optimizing your media experience and more. Much like your smartphone and computer, this allows for the development of software at a pace and frequency that doesn’t limit the effectiveness of your multimedia abilities over time.

1920 × 1080

Continuing the theme of wireless – an exciting new addition to keep the Toyota Multimedia system even more dynamic is the integration of wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Until very recently, the use of these apps that link your smartphone to your vehicle have required a wired USB connection. Now this excellent option for driver entertainment and utility is even easier and more conveniently connected. This enhances your hands-free driving routine!

To further enhance hands-free driving, we need speed and responsiveness with our multimedia displays. The next generation Toyota multimedia system has 5x the processing power that it had before. The results of that are absolutely noticeable with the responsiveness of quick touch inputs on a High Definition screen made of glare-resistant glass for better visibility and graphics. That screen is available on some models at a whopping 14” display, which you can see here in the 2022 Toyota Tundra.

4500 × 3304

With that advanced display and lightning-quick jump in processing power – the machine itself is very impressive. The new Toyota Assistant takes the standard system and upgrades it with the cloud-based Intelligent Assistant and Cloud Navigation. Using the simple “Hey Toyota” voice command, you’re able to seamlessly request destinations, traffic and weather updates, and even the business information and star-ratings for your next stop. The Intelligent Assistant will easily help you connect to phone calls and dictate accurate messages, all without you having to take your eyes of the road.

With so many new and advanced features on the next generation Toyota Multimedia system, you’re going to have plenty of customizable options for your profile. Thanks to the cloud, your Toyota App and Toyota Multimedia settings are automatically saved and loaded to your vehicle, and any other equipped Toyota vehicle you get in to. These settings include your personal preferences for language, map settings, day/night display mode, favourite destinations, and lots more.

4500 × 3000
The list of benefits that the next generation Toyota Multimedia system offers is going to get bigger and bigger… and we hadn’t even explored the opportunity to simultaneously connect two devices via Bluetooth and easily switch between the two for audio streaming and calls and texts. Or the ability to start your car, lock and unlock doors, check your fuel level and more… from inside your home, using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This is an amazing step into the future and unites driver and vehicle in ways we only dreamed possible.

The amazing team of Product Advisors at Red Deer Toyota are excited to share more and introduce you to the future of Toyota technology when you come by to see your next set of wheels. These are early days for the next generation Toyota Multimedia system, which will arrive first in the all-new 2022 Toyota Tundra – arriving ANY DAY NOW! We’ve already had the chance to play around with the new system and seriously… we cannot wait to show you in person. Some features will require subscriptions to the various Toyota Connected Services – which you can read more about here.

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